A must have is our VIRUCIDAL DISINFECTANT. It is a cleaner degreaser that kills viruses, bacteria and COVID-19. It has a 1 minute kill time. This product conforms to EN1276 and EN14476 (COSHH sheets supplied)

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Here at GMB, we are lucky enough to be situated in Exeter, a city known for supporting local business! We are proud to say we as a family business work with many other family/small businesses in the area and we appreciate every single one of our customers.

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E C O – F R I E N D L Y  FAQ’s

What makes them eco-friendly? Many high street brands aren’t conscious about using harsh chemicals in their formulas, which makes for an even harsher aroma of fumes hitting your nose as you spray your tables.

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We understand you’re busy and to save time you want to be able to purchase everything from one source. So, we don’t just offer eco-friendly products, we offer EVERYTHING. Get in touch to find out more!

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Candy Stripe Compostable straws at Prospect

The Prospect Goes Greener Still

The lovely Prospect Inn nestled on Exeter’s historic Quay side serves good food, great beer and now drinks with our new Candy Stripe compostable straws…

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The Kind Grind Bottle

The Kind Grind Get Bottles Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

The Kind Grind Restaurant use our recycled bottles made from rPET, a post-consumer recycled plastic material made from your old bottles for their delicious…

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GreenSan GreenOrange turns 10

The GreenRange Turns 10!

10 years ago this month we launched the GreenRange together with the clever people in white coats at our manufacturing partner facility. The idea was…

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