About Us

GMB stands for ‘Green My Business’.

We supply a super wide range of sustainable, low impact green and eco-friendly cleaning, catering, washroom, food packaging and workplace products and solutions.

Whether it’s helping with your green goals, reducing wastage, cutting labour time & material costs or just knowing how to mop a floor better or reducing maintenance, we probably have ideas how we could help.

Based in Exeter, Devon and delivering by our own vehicle locally, we also ship all over the UK via courier partners as fast as next working day from stock.

If you can’t see what you want, contact us and ask one of the friendly team to help.

Top 6 issues we helped with last year:

  • My floors & tables are sticky and my cleaners just don’t seem to be doing the job!
  • I want to change to compostable food packaging but it’s too expensive, isn’t it?
  • Green cleaners are all well and good, but they don’t do the job properly.
  • My toilets and men’s urinals are smelly & blocking up, how can we safely maintain them?
  • My team are constantly changing the toilet paper as the dispenser doesn’t hold enough.

‘People with solutions, products with principles’.


Our Mission

To provide an easy to use range of sustainable and low impact solutions to everyday cleaning, maintenance, packaging and disposable challenges. Sourcing whenever possible from environmentally active, awarded or ethical UK manufacturers to reduce delivery miles and offering a comprehensive one stop shop for our customers to reduce theirs too.

Our Vision

Reduction in the reliance of toxic chemical cleaners in the workplace, woven imported cleaning materials and non-recyclable and compostable packaging, materials and poly products such as polystyrene and plastic extracts and mouldings.

Promoting toxic free UK made cleaning solutions, recycled and sustainable paper tissue products, microfiber technology materials, recycled and biodegradable sacks and bags & packaging such as compressed board, bagasse & poly lactose to our clients and prospects.